noah hughey-commers

Noah Hughey-Commers is a native of Nelson County, Virginia and grew up near the small town of Lovingston, 40 minutes south of Charlottesville. Having spent many of his teenage years on the firing crew of Tye River Pottery, Noah became inspired by the community formed by the stoking of a large wood kiln. At the age of sixteen, he began to work at a wheel. He continued throwing at Piedmont Virginia Community College. After finishing a BA in English at the University of Mary Washington, Noah returned to central Virginia to apprentice with hometown potter and friend Kevin Crowe of Tye River Pottery.


In the summer of 2010, Noah took a journeyman tour of the UK to fire abroad and see how other potters work. His time away helped solidify his plans: to settle in Nelson County and build his own wood kiln, living and working with the people who supported him since he put his first piece of wood into the fire.


In 2011, Noah founded Muddy Creek Pottery and has been planning and constructing a 180 ft³ wood fired kiln.


Noah lives in Faber, VA.

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